A massive THANK YOU for joining us at Reading and Leeds Festival 2023!

A massive THANK YOU for joining us at Reading and Leeds Festival 2023!

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wow, what a week!

We hope you've all managed to catch up on some well-deserved rest after Reading and Leeds 2023!

Whether you were a CAT, Tower Team, or Facilities Monitor, you all played your part in making Reading and Leeds an amazing success, so a massive thank you from us!

There were lots of new faces in the Hotbox crew which was lovely to see! We know for many it was your first festival or first time working at a festival, so we really hope you enjoyed it, and we'd love to welcome you back to more festivals next year!

We spoke with so many of you throughout the week who had arrived on their own and instantly made friends with those around them. This was lovely to hear, and we know from experience many of these will become lifelong friendships!

The Hotbox team got involved with so much at Reading and Leeds this year, from providing 24/7 information and assistance at the AIR Hubs, spotting hazards from the observation towers, providing a first response to medical and welfare incidents in the campsites, and even assisting with a swan eviction at Reading. Whatever your role entailed, we hope you found enough to keep you busy on-shift, whilst also managing to have a blast off-shift too!

The feedback we've received so far from the other onsite agencies, festival organisers, zone managers, security team and the public about our Reading and Leeds crew has been amazing to hear. Everywhere you were working on the festival site, we've received feedback about how smiley, approachable, and helpful you all were so again, so a huge thank you from us for working so hard to make sure everyone at Reading and Leeds had the best time - all the problem solving, incident reporting, kit carrying and direction giving you did is so appreciated! ūüôŹ

Your messages to us on socials and email about working with us at Reading and Leeds have been fantastic to read! Please tag us in your social posts, photos and videos from the festival as we love seeing them!

If you enjoyed your week with us and have a few minutes to send over a paragraph or two for our staff and volunteer feedback page, please email this to info@hotboxevents.com

Please also attach a photo of you at the festival if you can so this can be added to the Hotbox website!

Your feedback is a big help to those thinking of joining us in in future years; giving an idea of what working at a festival with Hotbox Events is like, so please do get in touch if you can!

We're already planning for next year and your suggestions are always taken into consideration; many of which help us to improve both our service to the festival goers and the experience for our staff and volunteers. We're always up for changing things to improve the experience! ūüėä

So, if you do have any comments - good or bad - please don't hesitate to get in touch. We realise nothing is perfect so please don't be afraid of having a moan if there is something you'd like us to take into consideration for 2024!


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2024 Festivals!

Applications to join us at our 2024 festivals will open in early 2024, stay tuned to our socials and newsletter for more information on what you can expect from us in 2024, and when you can apply!

We'd love to see you again next summer - Hotbox reunion anyone? ‚ú®


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