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Event Jobs and Work

If you're looking for event jobs or event management work experience working at some of the UK's biggest events you can apply to join our event team!

Hotbox Events recruits and manages event staff, paid stewards and volunteers for some of the UK's largest events.

Our event staff and volunteers play a big part in creating a good atmosphere and helping the event attendees have the best possible time at the events. By joining the Hotbox Events team you can help us continue to achieve this!

Applying to work at events

The easiest way to get involved with working in the event industry is to start by volunteering. Volunteering at events allows you to gain experience; add valuable, transferable skills to your CV; network with other event professionals; and most importantly see if working in the event industry is right for you!

As long as you're over 18 years old by the start of the events you're interested in, you can apply to join us. Many of our event volunteers progress to join us in paid staff positions once they have gained some experience working at events, with some even going on to work for major companies in the live event industry like Festival Republic and Live Nation directly! So volunteering at events is a great way to start a career in the event industry!

Applying to volunteer at an event is also the best way to secure your position with us, every year we receive hundreds of applications for the limited number of event jobs we have available.

To find out more about volunteering at events head over to our events page and choose the event you're interested in volunteering at. There you'll find lots of info including when you'll need to arrive at the event, how many volunteer shifts you'll do, how old you need to be to volunteer at events, the kind of things you'll get involved with when volunteering and loads more!

Paid Steward jobs at events

If you're looking for paid event jobs at festivals, our paid steward jobs could be for you! We have paid steward jobs at Latitude Festival, Camp Bestival Dorset and Camp Bestival Shropshire.

Our paid stewards work more shifts than volunteers but still get to enjoy the amazing environment at the events when off-shift! Paid stewards also get loads of other awesome benefits too, like a secure crew camping area with crew car parking, unlimited hot water, tea and coffee, charging points for phone charging, crew toilets and showers and discounted crew catering!

The tasks our paid stewards do depends on the event - you can find more information and apply to join us as a paid steward on our events page.

Event jobs and work with our event staff team

When working onsite at an event we employ a team of between 30 and 50 event staff.

Our event jobs include:

  • Event Site Managers
  • Event Coordinators
  • Event Project Managers
  • Event Staff Supervisors
  • Event Arena Supervisors
  • Event Campsite Zone Supervisors
  • Event Gate Supervisors
  • Event Accreditation Staff
  • Event Office Managers
  • Event Multi-Agency Communications Control Staff
  • Event Buggy Drivers
  • Event 4x4 Drivers
  • Event Minibus Drivers

If you're not interested in joining us as a volunteer or paid steward and only wish to show your interest in working with us as part of our paid event staff team please, email us via our contact page.

To apply for a paid event staff role, we will need to see your CV showing details of your experience and any relevant qualifications. When we begin the event staff recruitment process for the season - usually a month or so after we start recruiting volunteers - if we have a vacancy that we feel you may be suitable for a member of our event recruitment team will get in touch.

Should you be shortlisted, you will need to be available for an interview either over the phone or face-to-face.

When recruiting event staff we look for relevant festival or event experience - this doesn't need to have been with us but if you have volunteered with Hotbox Events at an event in the past this will help with your application.


If there is anything you would like to ask or you would just like to chat with us about working at events, the easiest way is to...

Connect with us on MessengerConnect with us on Messenger


You can connect with us @hotboxevents on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Connecting with other event staff

If you would like to chat with others who have worked at events with us before head to our Facebook Group and Forum

On Facebook and in our Forum you will find new and returning staff chatting about what it is like to work at events, arranging to share lifts to events, asking and answering questions about working at events and more...

Watch event interviews

If you've not worked at an event before and would like to see what it's like to work at events before applying - make sure you check out our event staff and volunteer interviews!

In our event interviews you'll get to hear the experiences of event staff and volunteers who have joined us, talking about how they found their shifts, how they were treated by the Hotbox Events team at the events they've worked at, what it was like working at events for the first time on their own, taking on more responsibility year on year and progressing from a event volunteer to staff role, and even how the experience and confidence gained working at events has helped with their career progression away from events!

Photos of event teams

Another way to see what working at events is like is to check out some of our event photos!

In our event photo galleries, you will find thousands of photos covering our event history over the past twenty years!

Working solo at events

If you are thinking about working at events but not sure about going solo, please don't worry! Every year more than half of those who work with us do so on their own the first time and then return year on year to meet up with friends they have made whilst working at events!

Questions about event jobs

If you have specific questions about working at events try our event FAQs!

Our event FAQs are regularly updated and packed full of answers to the questions we are usually asked, plus lots of handy hints and tips about event jobs and working at events.

Event Newsletter

We usually send an email newsletter about once a month, if you would like to keep up to date you can subscribe!

The Hotbox Events community

If you'd like to hear and see more from those who have worked at events with us in the past please head to our event community!

On our event community pages you can get an idea of what it's like to work at events with Hotbox Events by browsing our event photo galleries, hear from staff and volunteers who have joined us by watching some event staff and volunteer interviews, chat with returning and new staff and volunteers in our event forum, and read feedback from those who have joined us on our feedback page!


If you would like to drop us an email its info@hotboxevents.com


You can reach our office by phone on the numbers below...

Tel: 01252849600 (UK) select option 2 for Hotbox Events

Tel: +441252849600 (International) select option 2 for Hotbox Events

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Event Jobs and Work

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Event Jobs and Work

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Event Jobs and Work


I volunteered at Reading festival this summer, It was amazing. I went with a group of Spanish friends, but also made many friends from other countries and other cultures. The experience as a CAT was fantastic, we had to work 8 hours, 3 days, but we could see the most important bands! So I recommended it. Thanks Hotbox! I hope to repeat it in a few years!

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Event Jobs and Work

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Event Jobs and Work

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Event Jobs and Work

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