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BeckyP posted this 01 February 2017

Hey thought i'd set up a forum for any Download volunteers! Always good to chat before hand. I've worked with both hotbox and festaff previously over the years it's so much fun!

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Alice posted this 17 February 2017


First time volunteering and going alone! So excited!

Anybody from abroad? I'm from Italy

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ULAPYTEL7 posted this 19 February 2017


It's also my first time and I am going alone . I am from Poland  


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Josephingell posted this 21 February 2017

What acts do people like in the lineup?

Really excited for Aerosmith and system of a down.

If I miss Aerosmith will probably cry

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BeckyP posted this 28 February 2017

Hey! It will be great to meet everyone!

I am definitely excited for SOAD and A day to remember! I know it's hard to plan before we get our shifts but i hope there's not too many clashes! You been to download before?

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Becca posted this 23 March 2017

Heeeey guys! 

Im also going solo..super excited!Traveling from nottingham but Im from Ireland originally.
I dont think I could miss SOAD ive been waiting since I was 12 to see them haha.

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beccaaa_ox posted this 30 March 2017


It's also my first time and going alone (kind of bricking it....). Excited to meet everyone though! Xx

Monsterseatcake posted this 11 April 2017

Hi. I plan on driving from Cambridge if any wants to split fuel costs with me. 

oneokrock posted this 14 April 2017

Planning on Download for Simple Plan alone! I'll be coming from Hull.

ashort posted this 24 April 2017

Hey all - I'm heading to Download on the Wednesday as part of the Hotbox team! Great line up! Agreed.
Going alone - bought two tickets originally, but my partner isn't able to make it now, so thought I'd volunteer instead - keep me busy!

Is anyone driving from London? I'm willing to chip in for car sharing.

All the best for now!

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emilyl015 posted this 25 April 2017


I'm heading to Download on Tuesday from Gloucester/ Swindon area with room for one more in my car  

First time going and getting pretty excited! 

Gordon posted this 01 May 2017

Hey Guys,

First time coming to help out, coming alone from Edinburgh, may be driving if anyone wants to share a car.

Looking forward to so many of the bands, especially System, ADTR, Mastadon. The list goes on, also excited for NXT.

AnjaR posted this 02 May 2017

Hi everyone,

I would love to volunteer at Download Festival but I live in Belfast and have no car. So my question, though I guess it's rather unlikely: Is there anyone from Belfast volunteering this year?

Also I wonder if travel expenses are being refunded for volunteers?

Thank you!


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JordanLinton posted this 02 May 2017

Hey hey really looking forward to Download, first time at the festival, first time volunteering and going alone!

Anyone driving through/from Bristol and room for one in the car?



D3P0 posted this 08 May 2017

Another italian here... From London, first time volunteer and at Dowland festival.. Last 2 years I went to hellfest, in France! We see there to make amazing the festival!

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ashort posted this 15 May 2017

As the last shift on Monday will be up until 17:00, I have a problem if that is the case. Buses only leave at 10.00 at the latest. Anyone driving from (and back to) London?

Would be great to sort out a car share for this.

Thanks all!


muoncore posted this 16 May 2017

anyone travelling from manchester?

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Edfish posted this 18 May 2017

Hello everyone. I'm looking to jump in someone's car and share petrol costs if anyone is driving from London. Really looking forward to being part of the Hotbox team at Download. Ed

ashort posted this 18 May 2017

Hey EdFish. Good to meet ya. I'm travelling from London too - and am also looking for a car share partner. Looks pretty quiet so far though!


oneokrock posted this 20 May 2017

Just asked for my shifts essentially all to be worked around Simple Plan...fingers crossed!

Alice posted this 22 May 2017

Hi guys! Food-related question from an Italian..I guess clichés are true! Ahah

Since I'll be flying to download, I won't be able to bring any cooking utensils or stoves. So I was wondering: do you know if there's a supermarket within walking distance and if there is the possibility of borrowing/renting tools? Not looking for big fancy meals, just "survival" food!  


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