Solo volunteers at Latitude 2021

  • Last Post 20 July 2021
Emily posted this 25 June 2021

Hi everyone! Now that Latitude 2021 is definitely going ahead (yaaaaay) I was wondering who else was going, especially who else is going solo??

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samfearon99 posted this 28 June 2021

Hey Emily,


I've just had my place confirmed, and am also going solo! (:

JonathanF posted this 28 June 2021

Hi Emily,

I have been confirmed for this year, at the moment going solo although trying to convince my brother to join me!

katiekatie posted this 29 June 2021

Hey!!! I'm going solo too. Really excited for it

Emily posted this 30 June 2021

Hi everyone! Glad to hear there's more solo volunteers joining this year Where are you all coming from/have you been before? This will be my first time at Latitude so not sure what to expect! 

JonathanF posted this 01 July 2021

I'm coming from within Suffolk so not far away, this will be my fourth Latitude and my third volunteering. It usually has a really calm and safe atmosphere and a lot to do besides music

beeeaaa posted this 12 July 2021

hey i’m going by myself haha

jonathant posted this 13 July 2021

I'm also going solo. Looking forward to meeting others. And seeking a rideshare too - Jonathan

Emily posted this 13 July 2021

Yay more people! Are you guys on the whatsapp group? Also, what shifts did you all get?? =D

chrisbob91 posted this 14 July 2021

Hey I'm going alone. It will be my first time at latitude but excited for it. Im on Tower Alpha shift. Coming from Stafford =D

RedMatt posted this 15 July 2021

Hey all, I'm also volunteering for the first time and going solo ... I'm Charlie Cats whatever that means :-) ... Ive been to Latitude 3 or 4 times and its lovely - beautiful environment, varied attractions to suit everyone ... look forward ot meeting and working with folks and maybe some company when interests cross ... Chemical Brothers anyone ? ... 

Anyone know how far the volunteer campsite is from the parking and also from the main arena?... 

I'm travelling from GLoucestershie if anyone is interested in lift share... 




Emily posted this 15 July 2021

According to what others have said in the whatsapp group, the staff parking is like 5 mins from the campsite, and the arena aout 25-30 mins.. but I can't back this up myself as I have never been!

Chemical brothers is right at the top of my list of bands I want to see... and I have Saturday off! Well, chemical brothers and the ABBA dj set xD 

ShellyLatitude posted this 20 July 2021

Hi, I'm also going solo. A last minute choice a couple of days ago, never volunteered before. Nervous....... but nice to read I'm not the only one!

Chemical Brothers right at top of my list but I've been given a shift when they're on unfortunately. How do you get onto the whatsapp goup number for volunteering?

Thanks! Shelly

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